Music moves the heart.

Combine music with dancing and worlds shift.

When dancing makes music, a powerful experience for both the maker and the witness ensues.

This is tap dance music.
A Masterly Tapper...
Brian Seibert
The New York Times
I'm Just Exercising
Original Music by Andrew – made with tap dance exercising in mind.
Itsbynne Reel
Andrew is recorded on the Grammy Nominated track, Istbynne Reel, from Dave Eggar's album Kingston Road.
Tap Time
Andrew performs a Gregory Hines tribute on this album featuring members of the Gregory Hines Band.
Live At Mona's
Andrew is a special guest in this unique CD+DVD document of the live jazz scene at Mona's on Avenue B (NYC), featuring Mona's Hot Four.

(Not Available Online)
Live Music
Andrew Nemr + Friends
Tap Dance + Live Music